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  • 【Professional Silicone Gun with High Power】 This silicone gun is a new version. The power of the silicone gun is 100W, and it instantly heats up in 3-5 minutes and quickly melts the silicone bar, which is an ideal tool for arts and crafts projects in the home, office and school. The cable length is 140cm.
  • Piezas 12 Pieces Silicone Bars】 Comes with 12 long silicone bars (Length: 150 mm) and thick (diameter: 11 mm) and the hot melted glue works in wood, plastic, glass, metal, stone, ceramic, brick, paper , wicker, lace, cotton, cloth and other materials.
  • 【Easy to Operate】 Easy design makes the silicone gun easy to use. Just squeeze the trigger and the melted glue will come out smoothly. The LED indicator indicates whether the power is on or not.
  • 【Superior Quality】 With a professional copper hot melt glue nozzle, a high temperature resistant protective cover and a flexible support bracket, this glue gun will give you a quick and easy use experience.
  • 【Wide Use】 This silicone gun is perfect for basic daily repairs. The compact nozzle adapts perfectly to small cracks in furniture, appliances, toys, shoes, glass aquariums, circuit boards, etc. It is suitable for handmade crafts, crafts and quick repairs.
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Many Interesting Things You Can Do with this Hot Silicone Gun
1. Make exquisite art and craft items.
2. DIY unique festival or birthday gifts for family and friends.
3. Assemble small models.
4. Secure the frame of the image on the wall without nails.
5. Fix sandals, toys, loose legs on the desk, loose desk drawer, etc.
6. More purposes of the glue gun can be found on the Internet and in your mind.

Easy to Use
1. Insert a glue stick into the gun’s tail. 4. Pull the trigger to extrude the glue.
2. Plug it in to turn on, the LED indicator will light up.
3. Preheat for 3 to 5 minutes.

5. If there is almost no glue stick left in the gun, you can insert a new one.

1. Do not remove the glue stick from the adhesive of the glue gun. If there is a partially used glue stick on the gun, please finish that bar before inserting a new one.
2. Use the metal holder to hold the nozzle down after each use.
3. If the glue gun remains inactive for 15 minutes after turning it on, cut off the power supply.
4. Do not disassemble or modify the glue gun.


On the Silicone Gun Power: 100W Preheat Time: 3-5 minutes Working Voltage: 100V-240V
Material: plastic and aluminum
Color: Dark Green

Over Glue Bar
Quantity: 12pcs
Color: Transparent
Main Content: EVA resin, sticky resin, wax, antioxidant
Diameter: 11 mm
Length: 150 mm
Softening Point: 80 ° C

Package included:
1 × Glue Gun
12 × Glue Bars


Additional information

Weight 105 g
Dimensions 10 x 2 x 5.6 cm


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