Hot Glue Gun, TopElek 60W/100W Dual Power Full Size (Not Mini) Glue Gun with 12PCS Glue Sticks, High Temperature Melt Glue Gun Kit, for DIY, Crafts, Arts, Home Quick Repairs, Festival Decoration

$ 15.99

UPC: 797646212309

【60/100W Dual Power】Dual power switch, you can switch between 60W/100W freely according to your craft needs, the heavy duty glue gun can be widely used in home, office and factory, perfect for DIY enthusiast and industrial workers. Just enjoy your DIY talent on handicrafts and repair anything you want.
【Full Size & Safe to Use】Full size glue gun (not mini) perfectly fits in your hand and won’t get strain for large projects. Built-in safety fuse and features can prevent overheating, When reaches a certain temperature, it will keep the constant temperature to prevent the damage of overheating, and anti-glue flow design will save glue stick. A stainless stand holder allows you put aside and pick up safety anytime anywhere, it can also prevent the melt back to damage the glue gun.
【Rapid Heating】With high-tech PTC heating technology, our full size hot glue gun can instantly heat up within 3-5 minutes and melt the glue stick quickly even at a lower temperature in winter. ☺Note: Power off 3 to 5 minutes earlier can prevent glue leakage and save glue stick.
【12pcs Glue Sticks】Extra 12pcs glue sticks (diameter:0.43in) with super strong adhesive are included in this hot glue gun kit, which has the great performance of viscoelasticity and are made of healthy materials to protect your health and items. It can perfectly be used in wood, plastic, glass, metal, stone, ceramic, brick, paper, wicker, lace, cotton, fabric and other materials.
【Premium Quality and 100% Guarantee】Made with high-quality plastic engineered and superior insulated nozzle, the glue gun can sustain high pressure and temperature without deforming. ❤TopElek Glue Gun includes a 45 days money back & 18-month warranty!❤


2 reviews for Hot Glue Gun, TopElek 60W/100W Dual Power Full Size (Not Mini) Glue Gun with 12PCS Glue Sticks, High Temperature Melt Glue Gun Kit, for DIY, Crafts, Arts, Home Quick Repairs, Festival Decoration

  1. TOPELEK Full Size 60/100 Watt Hot Glue Gun (model SD-A) $14.99.
    After not using a hot glue gun for many years, I recently needed one, so I bought this guy’s little brother, the TOPELEK 15/25 Watt Mini Hot Glue Gun (model SD-E, $7.99). It was soon proving so useful in my shop, I decided to add it’s big brother, so I bought this guy. And I like it.
    It heats up quickly, and you can crank out a lot of glue in a hurry when necessary. It comes with 12 sticks of pretty good glue, too.
    So far I’ve used it on a heavy-duty fabric, wood, and metal. To get the absolute maximum EXTRA strength bond (can you say almost welded?), I clean the surfaces well and use a heat gun to warm the items or surfaces being glued. You not only have a very secure bond, but one you can reheat to separate if necessary.
    One little glitch hardly worth mentioning is the power switch. It doesn’t have one. The switch itself has the little On/Off icons (I marked over mine with a red Sharpie), but above and below the switch are the 60 and 100 watt heat selections, so just like its little brother, there is no power switch. There’s also a red light just above the glue chamber that illuminates when the 100 watt selection is chosen.
    There’s a metal clip that folds down to help support the gun vertically for cooling, and it works. But sometimes I want to put the gun away without waiting for it to cool, so I cut out the end of a V8 juice can, and flattened the sharp edges with pliers. Now I can slide it over the hot end, and place it back in the hot glue gun drawer right away.
    Finally, and remember this guys, if you haven’t grown up by age 50, then you don’t have to. That’s a fact! I know because I read it on the internet.
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  2. I love this glue gun. It has an excellent temperature control and it does not crap out like the other one I had. It’s easy to use, the cocking action is relatively smooth, although it can be hard on the trigger finger if you have smaller hands, as this has a relatively large handle.

    It warms up fairly quickly and the glue flows out in a smooth, sticky consistency and it does not leak anywhere near as much as my colored glue sticks glue gun. I love this glue gun!

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